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Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19

Courts, Children and Families Division | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

(217) 785-4703 (Springfield Office)

Heather Dorsey, Assistant Director

The AOIC's Court Services Division - Courts, Children and Families Unit (CCFU), on behalf of the Supreme Court of Illinois, is responsible for administering the federally funded State Court Improvement Program (CIP) Basic, Data and Training grants. Court Improvement Program efforts work to promote the continuous quality improvement of court proceedings in child welfare proceedings and to enhance and expand collaboration between the judicial branch, the state agency, and child protection court stakeholders to improve child welfare outcomes.

The CCFU also works to support the mission, vision, and core values of Illinois' CIP of ensuring safety and stability for children and families involved in juvenile abuse and neglect court system and to improve timely permanency in Illinois. These efforts focus on improving the quality of legal representation for children and parents, promoting coordination between local courts and child welfare stakeholders, developing judicial and attorney trainings, building capacity to collect local child protection court data, and ongoing collaboration ILDCFS.