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What's New at the Illinois Courts?

Date Update
05/30/23 Effective September 1, 2023, Illinois Supreme Court Rules 298 and 404 are amended
05/30/23 Illinois Supreme Court Amends Rules on Waivers of Fees and Assessments
05/25/23 Revised Approved Statewide Forms — Limited Scope
05/24/23 Effective immediately, Illinois Supreme Court Rule 909 is Adopted
05/24/23 Illinois Supreme Court Adopts New Rule Establishing Parenting Coordination Program
05/19/24 Notice of Vacancy for an At-Large Circuit Judge in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
05/17/23 Effective Immediately, Canon 2, Rule 2.11, of the Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct of 2023 is Amended
05/11/23 Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice Improvement Grant Request for Proposals
05/10/23 Added What's New Page
05/10/23 M.R. 003033 - In re: Assignment of Retired Judge
05/09/23 M.R. 001402 - In re: Illinois Courts Commission
05/08/23 MEDIA ADVISORY: Illinois Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments at Chicago State University
05/08/23 Judicial Event - Bar Admission Ceremony for February 2023 Examinees
05/04/23 Illinois Supreme Court to Swear-in New Attorneys at Bar Admission Ceremony
05/04/23 New Sentencing Judgement Order to Illinois Department of Corrections Form
05/01/23 Mental Health Task Force Behavioral Health, the Bench and Beyond May 2023 Newsletter
05/01/23 Remote Proceedings Local Circuit Rules Added to Remote Proceedings by Court Page
05/01/23 Revised Criminal Jury Instructions 3.22 and 5.03
05/01/23 Supreme Court Docket and Briefs for May Term 2023 Added
04/28/23 Revised Approved Statewide Forms - Post Judgement Collection
04/27/23 M.R. 2634 Extended Media Coverage Order for 24th Judicial Circuit
04/23/23 Revised Approved Statewide Forms - Motion to Appoint Special Process Server
04/23/23 Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice April 2023 Newsletter
04/21/23 New Civil Jury Instruction Chapter 255.00 Illinois Human Rights Laws
04/21/23 Revised Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19 Emergency/Temporarily Amended Rules
04/14/23 Added Supreme Court Emergency Closing Policy and Procedures Page and Form
04/12/23 Revised At-A-Glance Operational Plan 2023

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